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Drilling Down into your Data
Drilling Down into your Data
Written by James Nichols
Updated over a week ago

Each report in Housecall Pro gives a visual representation of your data, total lines, and a table that groups data together using metrics like weeks, business unit, or employee. However, sometimes we need to drill down into the data to find what caused a great week, or what made a metric plummet.

Drilling down

In our reporting table, our top line is always a summation of the data represented in a total line, with our grouped components underneath. In order to see what data makes up either the total or any of the individual groups, we can click to dive deeper.

Let’s say we are looking at monthly jobs report that is grouped by business unit:

  • You can click on any row in the reporting table or the report graph to drill into jobs that correspond to a certain business unit

  • Click on the total row to see all jobs in the report

  • Once in the drill down table, you can change the columns that you see, export the data, or click into the job details

  • Coming soon: search and filter in the drill down table

Drill down example:

  • Let’s say I want to compare my HVAC vs. Plumbing departments

  • I opened a business unit report, but the margin seems off for Plumbing. I want to see the jobs driving this so I click into Plumbing

For more information on updating your table groups, table columns or changing report filters, check out this article:

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