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Re-enable Thumbtack Integration for Direct Booking
Re-enable Thumbtack Integration for Direct Booking

Reconnect Thumbtack to gain access to direct booking in addition to leads

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Housecall Pro's integration with Thumbtack just added support for direct booking! Direct Bookings with Thumbtack will now consider your online booking preferences, and only book jobs when you have available time on your calendar.

If you already have your Thumbtack leads enabled, but want to take advantage of this integration update, you will need to turn your connection with Thumbtack off and then back on again. Here's how!

First, navigate to your App Store and go to Job Inbox.

In the Job Inbox App Card, toggle Thumbtack off and then back on again.

As soon as you toggle it back on, you will automatically be brought to this Thumbtack login screen.

Follow the login prompts, and then tap "Return to Housecall Pro" to come back to your HCP account.

Let's see what this looks like in action:

You will now have access to your Thumbtack leads AND direct bookings within your Housecall Pro account! Here is the overview of what these will both look like in your Inbox.

Note: To use this integration, you must have an account with Thumbtack. Pricing is set by Thumbtack and managed in your Thumbtack account.

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