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Add Customer Profile Notes and Attachments (iPhone)
Add Customer Profile Notes and Attachments (iPhone)

Attach pictures to your customer's profile, and add/edit important notes about your customer in your mobile app.

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Add Notes to Customer's Profile

Customer Notes:

  • are internal notes for your company to keep on a customer, property, or services provided (customers cannot see these notes)

  • can be found in the customer's profile

  • can be viewed in the web portal and on the mobile app

  • will remain with the customer profile until you delete them (or the customer profile)

  • do not carry over to estimate or job notes

  1. Navigate to 'Customers'.

2. Select the customer name.

3. Select 'Notes' on the customer's profile.

4. Add or edit the private customer notes.

Adding Attachments to Customer Profile

Customer profile attachments will appear on the customer's profile until you remove the attachment or delete the customer.

  1. Select 'Attachments' on the customer's profile.

2. Take a photo in the mobile app, or select from your photo library.

Select the size of the image to upload.

The customer's profile will display the number of attachments that have been saved.

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