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Adding a Mobile Device to Your Ring Group
Adding a Mobile Device to Your Ring Group
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Here's how you can create your VoIP ring group with mobile users, which will dictate which employee receives a call when it comes through the system. Please note VoIP settings can only be found on the web portal.

Create a Ring Group

  1. First, click "New Ring Group"

  2. Add a group name for your ring group. Select the employees you wish to be part of your group. Your ring group can contain a maximum of 10 destinations.

    To specifically choose to send the call to a mobile device, be sure to choose the check box next to the Mobile Device option.

    โ€‹Note: If you don't see an employee you wish to add, that means that we can't find a device for them. Please have your employee open up the dialer on their mobile phone and try again to add the employee.

  3. Then, click "Create Ring Group"

4. Now, you can add this ring group to your call flow!

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