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Job tags card upgrade (March 2024)
Written by James Nichols
Updated over a week ago

We will be updating this feature in March 2024.

What is the legacy job tags card?

The current job tags card displays the job count and total invoice amount by job tag for jobs created, scheduled or completed over the last 365 days. It's a snapshot view of jobs by tag to gain insights into which Job tags you use most. It cannot be customized in any way.

What’s changing?

The Job tags card will be replaced with an upgraded report using our new reporting infrastructure:

What jobs are included in the card?

All jobs completed in the last 45 days with at least one job tag applied are included in the card.

How is job revenue calculated?

Job revenue is calculated as the sum of the invoice amount, less taxes and tips. As a reminder, by default the card is set to only show completed jobs.

Can I customize the filters and card settings?

Yes. Follow the instructions here to customize the report and save the settings back to your dashboard

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