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Add payroll to your HCP Account.
Add payroll to your HCP Account.
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Payroll made simple.

Pay your team and manage your business - all within Housecall Pro.

Pay your employees without ever leaving Housecall Pro!

  • Run Payroll from the same place you manage your business – no more switching between apps

  • Streamline your payroll process with integrated Time Tracking and self-service access to paystubs for your employees

  • Seamless onboarding and ongoing customer support from a specialist at Housecall Pro

You can book a demo with one of our Success Advisors! Visit our website:

Everything you need to pay and manage your team

  • Full-service payroll (including W-2s & 1099s)

  • Flexible earnings: bonuses, commissions, PTO

  • Free payroll tax filings

  • Downloadable payroll reports

  • Quickbooks integration

  • Employee Benefits (Workers Compensation, Health Insurance, 401K)

  • Integrated Time Tracking

  • Compliance Alerts*

  • HR tools and templates*

About our Success Advisors:

The Success Advisor team works with enrolled pros to help get them set up with payment processing, additional features, and plan upgrades. Their goal is to help pros utilize all features available to them, understand the value, and continue to bring the pro up the value curve.

A Success Advisor is a dedicated resource to invest in our pros by showing them the value of the platform through unlocking Housecall Pro payments and features to help them reach their business goals. Pros who use 80%+ of their Housecall Pro features grow 30% in their first year, When our pros grow, we grow.

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