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Search by Invoice Number

Find specific estimates and/or invoices by searching the unique invoice number.

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Find any invoice or estimate that you're looking for using the estimate/invoice number associated with it. The process is the same for invoices and estimates, in their respective reports.

1. Open your main dashboard page.

2. On your dashboard, find the 'Jobs' report and click the 'View & configure report' icon (eye) in the right corner of the box.

3. In your report, make sure 'Invoices' is selected in Table Columns.

4. Click the 'Filter' icon (funnel).

5. Type the number of the job or estimate. 

6. Click 'Filter' to search. 

NOTE: Any invoice that includes the entered sequence of numbers will appear.

If the invoice or estimate you're looking for does not appear, it may have been deleted. You can quickly recover the deleted invoice!

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