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How to Reply to a Review
How to Reply to a Review
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With our Premium Reviews feature you can reply to reviews on Google, Facebook, or for your website.

Premium Reviews is available on all current Essentials plans and above (formerly Grow Plan)

Start by going to the Reviews app on Housecall Pro. If you don't have the Reviews App enabled yet, click here to learn how

Make sure that you have your Google and Facebook accounts connected in order to reply to all of your reviews.

To reply to a review, click on the reply icon in the floating menu on the right

You can then reply to the review from the pop-up. Replies for Google and Facebook reviews will appear on Google and Facebook. Replies for reviews for your website will send your customer an email letting them know.


How can I tell that I've replied to a review?

Any review that has a green dot on the right side under 'Reply' has been replied to.

What does the email to my customer look like when I reply to a review for my website?

Can I edit my review reply?

Yes, just click the reply button again and you can edit your reply. It will update your reply on Google/ Facebook or send your customer an updated email depending on where the review was left.

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