Service Plan Refunds

How to refund credit card payments and return cash/check/other payments for Service Plans.

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Credit Card Payments

  1. Go to the customer's profile and select the appropriate Service Plan.

  2. On the plan details page scroll down to the Billing Cycle. Hover over the payment to be refunded and click the slashed $ icon.

  3. In the text box type the amount to be refunded and click ISSUE REFUND. The customer will receive the full amount of the payment returned to their card and a refund receipt to their email.

  4. The refund will be reflected on the Billing Cycle as well as the Service Plan Activity Feed.

Cash, Check, or Other Payments

  1. Cash, Check, or Other forms of payment cannot be refunded through the Service Plan itself. If you return a payment of these types to a customer for their Service Plan you will need to cancel their plan. Please see Delete or Cancel a Customer's Service Plan.

For more information on Service Plans please see our Service Plans Collection or Service Plans FAQs.

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