Add your very own Blue Chat Bubble on your Website! Customers can message you from your website, and these messages will populate into your Housecall Pro Inbox!

Simply take the following steps and you’ll get set up in no time:

  1. Go to the HCP app store

  2. Look for "Chat on your website"

  3. Choose the color of your chat bubble using the color picker on the right.

  4. Copy the javascript snippet to the right.

    1. Do not share this snippet with anyone. This is only for your company.

  5. Paste the snippet into the header of the HTML in your website

  6. Publish the changes

  7. Your chat bubble should appear at the bottom right corner of your website

  8. If you have any issues, contact your website provider help desk and they should be able to walk you through how to do this.

How does a customer contact me through the chat bubble?

Once the customer enters their name into the chat bubble they will be able to message you. Once they message you, you will get a message in your “Customers” workspace. From there, you can chat like you would any other customer. Your customer can also send you images, videos and files directly from your website, making diagnosing the problem even easier.

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