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New functionality to search for customers, job/invoice number, and more in the navigation

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Access search in the navigation from any page.

You can search for:

  • Customers with related Jobs, Estimates, & Service Plans

  • Job / invoice number

  • Estimate number

  • Serial numbers for Equipment

  • Addresses (only 20 addresses per customer will populate in search results)

This functionality is also available on mobile web.

Clicking into the search bar and typing your search will open a search drawer with all matching results. You can click on the result and it will open the respective page.

Example with searching an invoice number:

Example with searching a customer name. You will also see recent jobs and estimates for the customer name:

If you are not able to locate the correct record because you have too many customers of the same name, or if you want to see more information, click on Search all customers and you will be brought to the Customers page with the search term applied.

Example with searching a phone number:

If you search for something and the system does not find a result, we will show messaging to try another search term.

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