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Share and Schedule Reports
Share and Schedule Reports

Schedule reports to run and send whenever it is convenient for you! Share with any of your report-using teammates.

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With our new schedule and share functionality in reporting, digging into your data with scheduled reminders and informing others of progress is easier than ever. In reporting you will now be able to schedule your reports to automatically send to your email, getting you access to your numbers without having to log into Housecall Pro, or recreate/update reports. With schedule and share functionality, you can make sure reports get sent to you or another peer in your organization when they are truly needed. Upon the scheduled or sent date, a PDF version of the report will be available, with a quick link to jump back into HCP to see the data first-hand.

Accessing the Share and Schedule Menu

First hover over to your reporting tab in the main navigation menu. Click into any report through your report menu, or by clicking into a report on any dashboard.

From your report, click into Share and Schedule to open up the menu.

Note: before a report can be scheduled or shared it must be saved.

Schedule Report

If your reports look back at dynamic date ranges like this month or last week, you now have the option to get an alert and a copy of the report as soon as the data is complete for that given range. Scheduling reports allows you to set your own schedule on running reports, and Housecall Pro will automatically send a replication of the report at the designated time. Just like with sharing reports, you will get an email notification with a hyperlink to jump back into Housecall Pro to check your newly generated report.

You will be able to schedule their reports to recur daily, weekly, monthly or a one time send. If dynamic date ranges are being used, the report will adjust to at the time of send. I.e. if we look at month to date, the report will run from the beginning of the current month through the day the report is scheduled.

Share report

From the same menu, select Share.

You will be able to send any report that has been generated to employees that have report access. This will add the report to their account followed by a message with a static version of the report to the email listed in Housecall Pro. The employee will be able to view a replicated PDF version of the report right from their email. They will also be able to jump over to Housecall Pro to see the report in realtime.

All scheduled and shared reports will appear in your Custom report menu.

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