There are 6 types of automated notifications Housecall Pro will send to your customers:

  • When a job or estimate is scheduled -- a text and email will be sent to the customer whenever you schedule a job/estimate. Keep in mind, an updated notification will go out if a change is made to the time it is scheduled for or which employee it is dispatched to. You can stop this notification from going out on the web portal. 

  • When you're on the way -- a text message will be sent when you click the "on my way" button to let your customers know when you're headed over

  • When the job or estimate is completed -- a text message will be sent when you select the "finish" button on the job/estimate to keep your customer updated on the status of your work

Note: If you have a plan that includes the Custom text notifications feature, you can edit the Job scheduled / On my way / Job finished text notifications to fit your needs.

Click here to edit your notifications

  • Review Request  -- When the Reviews app is enabled, an email and text message will be automatically sent to your customer asking for a review once the job is marked finished. Note: This notification will only be sent out if you have activated your Reviews app.

  • Email/Postcard Marketing Campaign -- an email and/or postcard will be sent based on the rule you have set up for the re-marketing campaign

Click here to learn more about Email/Postcard Campaigns

If the customer has the Housecall consumer app, the text notifications listed above will be delivered as a push notification through the app, rather than as a text.

If only a mobile number, and no email, has been entered for your customer, they will only receive the text message notifications.

If only an email address, and no mobile number, has been entered for your customer, they will only receive the email notifications.

Text messages will not push to landlines, so be sure to get their mobile number!

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