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How do I find the 'Help' section?
How do I find the 'Help' section?

Where to find articles and videos to help you understand the most effective way to use Housecall Pro for your business

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Hundreds of articles and videos are at your disposal to assist you in using Housecall Pro around the clock.Β 

To get to the 'Help' section, click on the profile icon near the top right of your screen. You can click this button from any page in the account.

This will bring you to the help desk where you can type your question into the search bar along the top. You can also scroll through our different topics to find the best articles to answer your questions.

You can also access the Help & Support section within your mobile app by going to the settings section and then clicking on the Chat & help center.

If you're not finding what you're looking for, chat in through the blue chat bubble in the bottom right of your account to let us know! We'll working quickly to get it created for you.

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