When you create a recurring service agreement, you'll have the option to include visits as part of that agreement. This article will go over how to schedule those visits and how to link existing visits to agreements. 

When you are viewing a plan on an address, you'll see the visits associated with this agreement. You can click the schedule button to schedule out a visit. This will create a job in Housecall Pro which you can then dispatch and schedule at the appropriate time to a team member.

Another option is to link a visit to an existing job in Housecall Pro. To do this, you can click the three ... and select 'Edit service agreement'

You will be brought to the original details of the agreement where you can edit visit information. If you select 'I've already completed this visit' , you'll be able to select any job that has been marked as finished and link this job to a completed visit. 

Once you've linked any existing jobs to a visit, make sure you hit 'Save now' to save this update. 

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