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Remove unscheduled jobs from your calendar.

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We know there are differences between unscheduled, canceled, and deleted jobs.
The biggest difference being that unscheduled jobs are expected to be scheduled out and completed at some point in the near future. 

While unscheduled jobs are useful for keeping job information before a scheduled time has been set for the visit, they sometimes need to be deleted.

You can access your unscheduled jobs a few ways: 

  • Through the 'Unscheduled' jobs section (see below)

  • In the 'Jobs and Estimates' section in the customer profile 

  • Create a report and filter by job status 

To Delete an Unscheduled Job:

1. Click the 'Schedule' icon in your navigation bar  

2. Click on the 'Unscheduled' jobs section 

  • The number in the pink box is the total number of unscheduled jobs/estimates

3. Click on the blue box of the job you'd like to delete

4. From the job details page, click the wrench & gear icon in the upper right

5. Select 'Delete job' from the drop down menu

6. Click 'Delete' to confirm

Your deleted job will no longer appear in the 'Unscheduled' section or the 'Jobs and Estimates' section of your customer's profile. 

Things to know 

  • You cannot bulk delete your unscheduled jobs/estimates, you will need to delete one at a time

  • If a job has been completed but still appears in the 'Unscheduled' section, you will need to schedule that job (pro tip: schedule it for the time and date when it occurred, and uncheck 'Notify Customer' so the customer does not receive a confirmation text/email)

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