Dashboard Overview:

Due for Billing Report:

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Written dashboard overview:

To access your dashboard: Navigate to your recurring service plans dashboard. You can click on the 'Recurring service plans' dashboard report OR click on MY APPS then SERVICE AGREEMENTS.

Each section of your dashboard:

#1. Create New Recurring Service Plan

  • You can create a new plan by clicking the blue [+New Plan] button or the '+' sign in the 'Plans we offer' section

#2. Plan Summary

  • Displays the total number of service plans you have set up with customers as well as all time revenue

  • Pending, active, expiring soon, and expired customer plans are displayed and broken down by color 

#3. Recurring Revenue

  • Displays expected monthly revenue based on your pre-existing agreements with customers

  • Hover over each month to see the estimated amount

#4. Plans We Offer

  • Lists all the recurring service plans you have created for your business

  • Note: When 'Continues until customer cancels' is selected in the plan duration section, there will be no total cost for the plan (see above: Gold Plan #2)  

#5. Due for Billing

  • Included upcoming and overdue payments for active plans

  • Clicking on view all will allow you to filter and sort

#6. Unscheduled Visits

  • This list will act as your reminder to schedule more definitive times for: upcoming visits for the current month, next month, as well as overdue visits.

  • Hover over any visit to schedule or associate an invoice

  • Clicking on view all will allow you to filter and sort

Create New Recurring Service Plans

Send Recurring Service Plans to Customers

What will my customer see when I send them a service plan?

Delete or Cancel a Recurring Service Plan

Edit and Maintain Service Plan Visits 

Check out how recurring revenue helps your service business grow.

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