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Tracking a Customer’s Overdue and Failed Service Plan Payments
Tracking a Customer’s Overdue and Failed Service Plan Payments

Easily see any failed or overdue service plan payments from the customer profile and jobs page.

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Banners on the customer profile let you know when a customer has an overdue service plan payment. Overdue payments are defined as cash, check, or other payments that have not been collected. Failed payments are credit card payments that failed to process. These prompts are designed to help ensure the entirety of your service plan revenue is being collected.

How It Works

When a customer has an outstanding service plan payment, a red banner will appear at the top of their customer profile indicating the total amount due. Selecting the view details button will open up the service plan details page to get more information on the overdue or failed payment. If there is not a view details button present, these outstanding payments represent outstanding payments across multiple service plans. Scroll down the page to see which specific service plans have missing payments. This information will be present until the service plan payment has been completed. The overdue and failed payment banner on the customer profile will appear on web only.

Overdue payments will also appear on the Service Plan tile which is located on the jobs page and the customer profile. This information is available on web and Android. iOS coming soon.

To submit a Service Plan payment for your customer, navigate to the Service Plan details page for that customer’s plan and click “Pay” button.

For more information about Service Plans, please see Service Plans FAQs

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