As a Housecall Pro customer, you now have access to our network of thousands of jobs. Job Inbox is a feature that puts REAL jobs on your calendar with no additional fees, just additional work!

Here are the 5 requirements to be eligible for Job Inbox:

  1. Update your service area to be accurate.

    • In your Housecall Pro account, go to Account Settings, then click Service Area to update the radius.

2. Ensure your price book is accurate.

3. Update your phone to the latest version of the Housecall Pro App.

4. Connect your bank in Housecall Pro.

  • In your Housecall Pro account, click into "My Money" and press "Connect My Bank."

5. On your mobile device, turn on push notifications, to make sure you never miss a new job.

  • Go to settings> notifications> toggle on Housecall Pro

You are all set! Check out this article to learn more about how to get and complete a job from our first Job Inbox Partner, HomeServe

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