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How to Accept and Complete a job through Job Inbox Partner: HomeServe
How to Accept and Complete a job through Job Inbox Partner: HomeServe

Learn how to complete the job flow for a new job from HomeServe.

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We just launched a new feature to put REAL jobs on our Pros’ calendars. You read that right. Real jobs. Not Leads. A Pro made over $2,900 on work from Job Inbox. And now, you have access to these types of jobs too! Stop chasing down leads, and instead land real jobs from directly within Housecall Pro. 😄

About HomeServe:

We are sourcing jobs from HomeServe, a leading Home Warranty company serving millions of customers across the US and Canada. It’s never been easier to work with a Home Warranty company because we’ll manage the relationship and all you’ll have to do is follow a short checklist. Plus, pros are loving how fast and easy it is to get paid.

How to Accept or Decline a Job:

  1. Admins will receive texts on their mobile phone alerting them about a new job in their area. Depending on the urgency of the job, you will have a limited amount of time to accept or decline the job. To learn more about the job details, click the link on the text or you can head straight to your dashboard on your Housecall Pro app, then Inbox --> Job Inbox --> HomeServe channel.

  2. Upon viewing the job, you will have the option to either decline the job and pass it to another Pro or learn more. By clicking "learn more," you are not accepting the job just yet, but gathering more information about the job details and customer info.

*Important Note* The dollar amount on the job details is an estimate only. The scope of work may vary depending on your assessment and the homeowner's home warranty plan. The final total will reflect actual work done, but there is a minimum trip fee of $75 in place if no work is completed.

  • The timer counts down how much time you have to accept the job until it is passed on to another Pro to accept.

  • The estimated amount is NOT the definite amount that the job will be. The estimated amount is based on the type of industry. You will be paid for the work that is actually completed after diagnosis.

  • The arrival window is a suggestive time. If you accept the job, the job will populate into your calendar. But, you must call the customer to confirm the time or change the date/time.

  • The not interested button will signify that you do not want the job, and then it will continue being passed to Pros based on service area and industry.

  • The Learn More button will redirect you to the requirements to accept a job. Once you check the boxes, you will press accept job. Then the job will be available to view on mobile and web.

How to Complete a HomeServe job through Job Inbox:

  1. Once you accept the job, call the customer to confirm a time and date with them.

  2. When you arrive on site, diagnose the issue and create line items for the proposed work.

  3. Call HomeServe at 888-666-8830, and choose option 1 for Cost Authorization

  4. 💡 Don’t forget to push Start and Finish

  5. Get the homeowner's signature to authorize that the work was done.

  6. 👉 Do NOT collect payment from the customer. Click Invoice and HomeServe will pay the invoice online with a credit card within 14 business days.

And don't worry, all of these steps will be included on the job details for easy access!

Tips: The phone icons next to the steps are used to tap and call the customer and HomeServe directly!

Plus, the signing icon in the checklist will take you directly to a screen to collect the customer's sign off after you complete the work. This way the customer can authorize that the work was completed.

When you tap the pen icon, select "At the customer's house" to collect their signature.

Collect the customer's signature and tap "Done Signing"

The signature will automatically be attached to the invoice to HomeServe.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What happens if HomeServe does not give me approval for the work?

A: If HomeServe cannot cover the work based on the customer’s home warranty plan, there are three options:

  1. Accept the $75 trip fee

  2. Do the amount of work that was approved

  3. Talk to the homeowner about covering the additional unapproved work

Q: My minimum is higher than $75, can I request a higher trip charge?

A: The current guaranteed trip fee is $75 for a free job, and we’ve seen 90 percent of our pros get approved for the work, and make more than this $75 minimum. You can also call HomeServe after accepting the job to see if they will approve your rates before going out to site.

Q: I have worked with home warranty before, is Job Inbox different?

A: We vet every partner to ensure that our pros are getting quality jobs, and most importantly, getting paid on time.

Q: I usually diagnose my own work. Why should I listen to the price that a home warranty company gives me?

A: The approval is based on if the homeowner’s warranty covers the scope of work. Remember, you are still in control of diagnosing the issue.

Q: If Im gonna go out there just to get an approval from home warranty, then why wouldn't I just do that on my own instead of going through Job Inbox?

A: Job Inbox takes searching for leads and jobs out of your process. This is a new job that you didn’t have to find yourself + it’s one more job that you didn’t have before, and you didn’t have to do any additional work to get the job. By accepting a job through Job Inbox, you are guaranteed a $75 trip fee + what work you are approved for.

Q: What if I don’t have availability at the preferred time slot?

A: You can still accept the job and confirm a time that works for both you and the Home owner.

Q: How do I get paid?

A: HomeServe has a guaranteed deadline of 14 business days (excluding weekends and holidays), but you could be paid sooner.

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