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Universal Settings Page
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Note: this page is in alpha and will be rolling out throughout May and June 2023.

We are introducing a new Settings page, making it easier than ever to find and make the changes needed to run your business more effectively with Housecall Pro. Now, hitting the settings cog on any navigation bar will take you to the new settings home.

Navigating to Settings

Just click the settings icon to navigate to your new settings page!

That will open your new settings page. Once there, you can use the left rail to find the settings you are looking for. Every old settings page can now be found with the same title in this list. For example, when once you would have to click into a service area icon for those settings, you can now select service area in your left rail to go to that settings page.

You will also find that using the settings icon in your navigation bar from certain areas in the product will take you to those specific settings automatically.

For example, if I'm using our Pipeline application, and I hit the settings icon, I will open the Pipeline settings.

Important Changes

You will now find all of your tipping settings in the payment options section of your invoice settings. Previously this was found under your company profile settings.

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